We guarantee a professional technical level and superior.

after-sell service, we supply top manufacturers’ the highest quality products to customers with the most reasonable price and the fastest delivery , and resolve customers’ various issues  in technology within the shortest possible time. We have been committed to build a long-term good cooperative relations with customers, and for customers to create greater profits to promote Mutual win-win situation.

The company has a Technology R & D Center and Technical Service Center from the inception, has successfully created a wealth of practical experience, innovation, dedication, solidarity, faithful to the CNC tool technology and  regarding CNC tool technology as a lifelong career of excellence technical team.

1.Cutting Laboratory
Koves has "high performance CNC cutting tools and systems technology
laboratory”, After a large number of cutting experiments, It in-depth study
of cutting mechanism and limit, edge processing technology; batch guide
and correction tool design; develop high-tech CNC cutting tool,Establish
professional cutting database.


2.The Fast And Professional Technical Services
From the very beginning, Koves pay attention to technical service as basement, Successfully own a high-experienced, continuous innovation, loving and professionalism, solidarity, faithful team.
According to the customer's product and process requirements:
► Formulation and optimization of manufacturing process
► Reasonable selection of cutting parameters
► Calculating cycle times  
► Select tools, cutters, blades and accessories
► Customized non-standard tool
► Provide a full range of technical services related to mechanical processing

3.Strict Procedures And Quality Control System